About Us

Vahan Avagyan 
Dear visitor!
I am glad to welcome you on the site of "Mikmetal" CJSC. Thank you for your interest in our company activities of our company and it is commendable that you have chosen our website as the best source of information about us.

MIKMETAL Company was founded in 2003. As engaged in wholesale of steel bars and wire rods in Armenia. Representing quality products, we were able to quickly settle down and take a leading position in the market. 

We keep our leading position till today. 

Our customers are almost all construction companies in Armenia. The cause of all this is our high quality service and individual approach to each customer. 

In 2008 the company built manufacturing part for ready-made steel bar performs. With its power it can provide the fulfilling of all constructional requirements passing in Armenia and raise Armenian construction industry on new quality level.

Since 2013, Mikmetal CJSC is the only representative of the ASCE Group company for the production of armenian steel bars and carries out the sale of the company products.

Today Mikmetal CJSC offers You its own products and the following services:

  • Cutting and deformation of steel bars according to customer's preference,
  • 8- 28 mm welded  smooth steel meshes (used in inter-floor coating, reinforcement of walls),
  • 3-5 mm welded metallic smooth meshes,
  • Spatial armature carcasses,
  • Foam plastic,
  • Reinforced concrete cover-beams,
  • 3D panels,
  • Mechanical connectors for steel bars.


In addition to the above mentioned service the company offers you production of metallic constructions of any form and size.