I am glad to welcome you on the website of Mikmetal CJS companie

MIKMETAL company was founded in 2003. As engaged in wholesale of steel frame work and rods in Armenia. Representing quality products, we were able to quickly settle down and take a leading position in the market.
Today we keep this position.
Since 2013, Mikmetal CJSC is the only representative of the ASCE Group company for the production of armenian steel bars and carries out the sale of the company products.
  • Wholesale

    Being the only representative of ASCE Group, the company implements the sale of products produced by the factory.
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  • Preforms

    Armature carcasses, Clamps manufacturing, Cutting and deformation, Smooth spatial carcasses. Spatial carcasses are made by contact welding method. Spatial carcasses can be up to D = 1200 mm in diameter and L = 1100 mm in square diagonal. Spatial carcasses can be up to 12 m in length. The longitudinal reinforcing rods can be 12-32 mm in diameter and 6.5 to 10 mm roofs are used as a spiral wrapping rod.
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  • Smithing

    Forging was launched by the company “Mikmetal” in 2009. In comparison with traditional smithies we manufacture metal via equipments by the company “HEBO”.
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  • Mechanical connectors

    Mechanical connectors
    The proposed mechanical connections are used worldwide.
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  • Prefabricated coatings

    Prefabricated coatings
    Являющаяся новинкой в Армении, данная технология используется в европейских странах уже более 70 лет.
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  • 3D panels

    3D panels
    The walls, built with this technology, are used as the outer walls of buildings, replacing the traditional stone or concrete.
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  • Nets

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  • Metallic construction

    Metallic construction
    In 2007 հighly skilled welders and fitters of MIKMETAL Company founded the production of metal constructions.
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  • Outdoor advertising

    Outdoor advertising
    Dear colleagues! MIKMETAL company offers you billboards to place your ads in the different parts of the city of Yerevan.
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